How To Get Cheap Train Tickets On the Day Of Travel


Though travelling by train is one of the most affordable ways to tour a destination, what is more, is that you can end up paying much lesser by employing some simple tricks. Many people who are train enthusiasts end up paying less when it comes to train fares by being flexible and employing various techniques. If you occasionally travel by train, or will be travelling by one in the near future below are some of the ways you can lay hand on cheap treinkaartjes on the day of travel effortlessly.

  • Get a rail card

One of the easiest but yet most effective ways to get a good bargain on the rail fares is to acquire a rail card. Most train companies view this as loyalty and by producing your rail card on the different occasions that you board the train, you will be able to get loyalty points. These loyalty points when accumulated, you can redeem for great discounts or even free trips depending on the company.

  • Last minute booking

Depending on the train company, some of the tickets that do not get buyers are sold at throwaway prices. This is because many companies prefer offering these discounts to attract customers to having to leave with empty seats. Hence, by getting a last minute buy on your tickets, you may be able to acquire great discounts on your tickets.

  • Split your ticket

Though not familiar with many people, splitting your tickets guarantees you good deals. For instance if you will be travelling from point Q to W and back, it is more economical to get a separate tickets for the journey rather than acquiring a single ticket for the whole journey. In some instances, it may even save you a lot on the cost that you would have to incur.

  • Book online

Due to the advancement in technology, many train companies allow their clients to acquire their tickets online. By the help of the various comparison sites for train charges, you will be able to view the different charges and arrive at a better price.

Moreover, since most of the train companies are interested in attracting traffic to their websites and social media accounts, they often offer to give discounts to clients who book for their tickets online. To even get a better deal, using your debit or credit card to acquire your tickets may be one of the other effective solutions as well.